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HousePaws Mobile Vet Service

"Our hospital was working with a large phone carrier. After an upgrade, we were living in a telephone nightmare. We had unscheduled outages, unauthorized service changes, disconnections during business hours and clients unable to get a hold of us. It was ruining our business.

During one of our outages, we placed a notice on social media letting our clients know that our phones were acting up again. Jonathan reached out to me and offered me different solutions based on our need. We were gun shy at first but another 5 hour outage encouraged us to make our move. 

We went from multiple daily problems to zero problems. I can honestly say that I have 100% faith in the solution Jonathan came up with. Jonathan worked out a special deal with our carrier that not only got us better service but also saved us money on our monthly bill.

I would highly recommend Jonathan Miller for any phone solution your organization needs. He is an asset to our business!"

- Tony Aumiller

Operations Manager