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Why We're Here


Since 2003, Advantage Telecom Solutions, LLC. (ATS) has been helping businesses navigate the ever-changing telecom maze. We provide high-quality, affordable solutions to every communications challenge. And we do it at no cost to you, the client.


ATS in Action

"As I write this letter I am blissfully unaware of our organization's telephone and communications system...ATS was able to come in, assess our needs and produce several solutions. All of the solutions were well within our budget and amazingly enough, we have an entirely new communications system and consolidated phone service all for less than what we were paying before ATS helped us."

​Frank Vagnone

Executive Director, 

​Philadelphia Society for the Preservation of Landmarks

After several years of representing telecom providers who sold only their own product lines, ATS President, Jonathan Miller, founded ATS to provide custom solutions that meet the unique needs of small to mid-sized businesses by forming partnerships with vendors to provide the best of all products, services and data carriers. 

ATS exists to safeguard the critical process of choosing or upgrading your telecommunication's platform or other related technologies. We provide options from traditional phone systems (Premise) to cloud-based voice and data (VOIP), Managed IT Service Plans to T&M options, All your Audio/Visual needs, Security products and services such as Card Access, cameras, etc. and everything in between.

ATS expertly evaluates your company's full range of needs and delivers multiple, cost-effective solutions. There is never any pressure on you as to which solution to choose. We simply provide information that allows you to make informed decisions about what's best for your business.

What differentiates ATS from the competition is that we educate our clients not only on technology, but also on vendor quality. Additionally, we ensure you get the LOWEST PRICING available as our partner vendors are all competing for your business.